5 Instructors. 4 Courses. 3 Days.

1 INCREDIBLE Challenge.

Battle School 2.0

BATTLE SCHOOL IS BACK and we’ve brought you something truly unique this year…

This three day event will encompass the best that Battle Springs Ranch has to offer and then some. Days will start at 6:30am with physical training that will consist of obstacle courses, combat swimming, team building events, and nutritional information.

On day 1 and 2, students will train and rotate through each of our three training locations (10,000 sqft CQB Building, flat range, 1,000 yard range). For the second half of day 2, students will have the opportunity to practice for 4 hours at any of the three of the training locations they choose. On day three students will compete against each other in a variety of events for best shooter.

This course is not for the weak or faint of hearted and will be physically and mentally challenging.